• Construct other civil engineering works:
    • Execute works of bridge, river port and sea port level III;
    • Construct line and electrical substation by 35KV;
    • Construct ditch, canal, dyke embankment, irrigation pumping station;
    • Construct traffic works and urban technical infrastructure works;
    • Construct civil and industrial works.


  • Construct types of house
  • Construct road and railway works
  • Construct public works
  • Demolish
  • Prepare the plan (exclude detecting mines and similar types at site plan)
  • Install electric system
  • Install water supply and drainage system, heater and air-conditioner
  • Install other construction systems
  • Complete construction works
  • Other specialized construction activities
  • Vehicles with engine for rent
  • Machines, equipment and other tangible tools for rent
  • Wholesale electronic, telecommunication components and equipment
  • Wholesale machines, equipment and accessories of other machines
  • Wholesale other materials, installation equipment in construction (In details: manufacture and trade construction materials)
  • Retail five-metals products, paint, glass and other installation equipment in construction in specialty shops
  • Consult, mediate, auction real estate, auction land using right (Service of consulting, advertising and managing real estate)
  • Exploit, process and supply water (exploratory drilling and exploitation of underground water; domestic water supply and drainage)
  • Specialized design activities (Execute fine arts works, interior and exterior decoration)
  • Trade real estate, land using right belonging to owner, user or leasing. In details: Trade real estate
  • Passenger transportation by road in interior of a city and suburban (excluding transportation by bus)
  • Other passenger transportation by road
  • Goods transportation by road
  • Related architecture and technical consultancy
Giấy phép Đăng ký kinh doanh
Giấy phép Đăng ký kinh doanh
Giấy phép Đăng ký kinh doanh
Giấy phép Đăng ký kinh doanh


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